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Friday, 20 June 2008 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
I LOVE Fish & Chips
History of Fish & Chips
The work "i love fish & chips" created after only in a few months I have been to the UK. In the painting you can see a pretty fat cat and a girl who seemed to have a fat belly. Both the girl and the cat seemed to be enjoying their fishes.
The inspiration came when my husband came back from the university where he does his research and brought 'fish & chips' which is very traditional British and quite rare in Burma where I came from.
After eating that.. I felt really happy and full and I immediately fell in love with the food.
One may realise that the cat in the picture is my husband (who happened to be a bit fat) and the was bringing the fish for the girl who is ME.

Sexy Fish Attracts Chubby Cat

This is a fun work where basically the chubby is my husband and the sexy fish represents me,
hee hee.. xD

Fishes & ME

I wanted to adopt fish pet but i cannot care them and i dont know how to keep the fishes...

Handmade Fish Jar
So I have decided to make my own handmade fish jar. Its really fun and easy to make..
They are relative paintings.

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