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Saturday, 18 July 2009 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit

In my life, one can see that art plays a very vital role which is also full of meaning. I have always enjoyed the feeling of turning thoughts from pen to paper, paint brush to canvas and lately as graphics in my laptop.

The appearance of my work has been impacted by our cultures, music, environment and other sources that we interact on a day to day basis. Moreover, being dark and very illustrative, the artworks also convey narratives of each story behind each work sometimes featuring the artist (myself) within the artworks. That means the figures of my artworks become mirrored reflections of some of my feelings, experiences and messages from elsewhere.
Symbols such as tiny insects (spiders and flies), teacups and etc play their roles in communicating with the audience with visual language. To be more precise those symbols help telling the story.

Typical style of the artworks is not fully “Realism” but more of a blend with “graphical style”. The images look so striking when they are well played within contrasts of realism and graphics. For example, body, face, skin, tiny spiders and flies are displayed with realism whilst hair and clothing are displayed on a graphics style. Such displays (NOT fully “Realism”) inspires the audience to want more and make them feel like their thirst is not quenched even after drinking.

To be continue ~~~

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