The Hidden Jewel of Famous Artist "Paw Oo Thet"

Monday, 18 January 2010 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit

This is the gift by the famous artist “Paw Oo Thet” titled “Sagaing Hills”.
Sometime around 1975, Artist Paw Oo Thet and a friend named U Chit Swe (Maymyo) visited my husband’s grandparents’ newly built home in Forest Road, Ahlone, Yangon. As the building works are in its near completion stage, the house was rather crowded with builders and construction workers. His grandparents then just met Paw Oo Thet and grandma said “It will be nice to have Sayar Paw Oo Thet’s painting in our house”. The Artist responded kindly and promised a painting specifically for grandma.
The painting “Sagaing Hills” has dimensions of 70”x30” and it is a rather nicely aged painting as from 1975, it is now 35 years old. After the artist passed away, his family members tried to buy and collect many of the past paintings but grandma did not sell it because it was a gift with kindness.
Fortunately for me, being seen as an artistic person, the lucky grand-daughter-in-law received the painting from grandma. The painting, complete with red colour theme which I loved dearly has been staying grandly in my home as one of my collections.
Since I believe this painting by the famous artist has not yet been exposed to general public, I intend to share its beauty with everyone; hence I put it on my blog.

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