Friday, 3 February 2012 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit

I really wanted to keep some fishes with a fish tank but the landlord could not tolerate any pets so instead of any real fish I made my own little fish and her habitat: the fish jar.
It’s also coincidental that my hubby nick named me as “fishie” while his nick being “chubby cat”. Also during that time when I made that fish jar I was staying indoors most of the time so that fish jar more or less portrayed my life for that particular period too.
In the painting you can see a pretty yellow cat and a girl who seemed to have a fat belly. Both the girl and the cat seemed to be enjoying their fishes.
The inspiration came when my husband came back from the university where he does his research and brought 'fish & chips'. After eating that.. I felt really happy and full and I immediately fell in love with the food.
One may realise that the cat in the picture is my husband, yah he is my pet cat :-D and he was bringing the fish for the girl who is ME.

If it is swim, we have it!
Post any kinds of your fish creations!

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