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Friday, 3 February 2012 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit

You may notice that the combination of two or more different styles is also called as Composite Art. Throughout the course you will have an interplay between different styles and mediums.
It's been some time since I got interested in this composite art of mixing different methods and I have started playing with those techniques on my own. For example combining detailed pictures (Realism like) together with abstract like graphic arts. Afterwards, my interest is more fine-tuned towards the combination of digital and traditional arts.
WHY? I started mixing these marvelous things because ;)
I have always loved holding the paint brushes and play. After going to school, with less time to play around I could only do some sketches. But sketches are mostly single colour, so I wasn’t too happy with it - It's too dry and I love colourful things. Colours colours…yes and then I started my adventures with digital art, a bit of prior training in Photoshop is also helpful of course. With so much colourful stuff I was happy with digital art and managed to illustrate quite a number of artworks. It's easy to move around with digital art because I just have to carry my laptop and I can do my touchups whenever I have some time. So I can always make good use the time when I am waiting for someone to show up for a meeting, or if I am waiting for a train or plane. Just need to save regularly (and backups - not doing that can give you some painful memories). Digital art is a wonderful medium that filled the gap I felt in me.
But if I really have to choose, I will go with my most favourite paints, the physical ones, like oil and acrylic and they will always be my preferred mediums. 

Snow White's Winter Wonderland
Printed digital image, watercolors, and ink (left)

Another important development is that I began to love digital art as much as I've always loved real paints. There's a sad reality that there's a huge difference or a gap between digital and traditional arts. Some artists just keep on arguing which one is real art or which one is better which saddened me. So I thought perhaps I should narrow the gap by tragimixing. What I can see if a medium is a medium. It's between an artist and an artwork or for an artist to use it to express her or his thoughts and inspirations. Surely I will start a separate discussion topic on this.
Leaving those arguments aside, I believe the bottom line is that we should all have fun when we do art, Shouldn't we?

Printed digital image and mixed media techniques (right)

Since the two can give you two entirely different final artworks and touches, I have a feeling that combining the two can give a rather unique blend, like a sweet & sour dish. Now with the fellow like-minded artists and art lovers we could all have a good time in Tragimixed e-course.
There's even more, not only will you get to explore new techniques, but also opportunities to hone your skills through engaging exercises and challenges.

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