Burmanized Mermaid

Sunday, 10 October 2010 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
Good morning folks! I was created this illustration when I visited to Yangon early this year. I didn't shared with you immediately after drew this piece beause as you all know, I cannot use blog in Myanmar. hmm.. so bad :( But YES! now I can post whatever I want since I've been abroad again. ^^'

However I still have not decided how should I give the name for it. I only just wanted to draw the girl with the traditional style (Hta-ma-thein) combining/adding together with contemporary tastes. In this picture, you will see the outfit of her bottom (Hta-ma-thein) and blouse that the whole pretty dress makes her to be more elegant is likely a beautiful mermaid.. Sometime I realized the bottom of burmese dresses are like fishtail. :D Yah! In the mean time her pose and action will make you to imagine "a mermaid". Hope you like it!

Give me any suggestion or advice to give the name for painting.

Have a warm Sunday!
Big Hugs ♥

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