On becoming a doll artist and turning 26!

Sunday, 12 February 2012 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
I have always wanted to be a doll artist.  You may notice that all my characters have a doll like impression.  You see, I take inspiration from those pretty dolls for my illustrations.  

In these few years, I have been involved in other projects for many reasons and could not focus on doll making.  Fortunately, I could now head myself in the right direction of becoming a doll artist.  So I am broadening my horizons into doll making from my original base of digital art and mixed media. 

I am yet to learn about sculpting techniques, but I managed to get a sculpture with the help of a friend.  

It's from Mandalay.  You might have heard of its name from a poem like 'Road to Mandalay' or the Mandalay Bay Hotel in the USA.  The place I am talking about is the origin.  It was an imperial capital before Myanmar falls under colonial rule.  It still has a thriving art scene.   And I am grateful to receive this wooden sculpture from a friend ( a puppeteer who has his own theater) based in Mandalay.  

Teak is the best hardwood and Burma Teak is arguably the best.  And I am lucky to get my sculpture made with teak.  Myanmar (Burma) still has some ample supply of teak so I have been fortunate.  

It's height is 4.5 inches and width is 2.5 inches.  I did the painting on the sculpture and I am quite pleased with the final look ;) I can now look forward to future doll faces and am really excited.  For my own dolls, instead of teak or hardwood, I intend to work on polymer clay and/or air dry clay.

Hmm, I have turned 26 today on February 12. :D  My hubby and I managed to travel to a town called Twantay which is famous for its ceramics and clay products.  The clay that's produced in Twaytay is for pots and vases so I think they might not be directly used in my future dolls.  

On my birthday I reflected on many good things I have received so far.  I am pleased with the artworks I have created so far, having a kind hubby and supportive friends such as yourself. 
With these positive energy, I look forward to future adventures and challenges.

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