Tree of Love

Tuesday, 3 April 2012 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
T r e e . o f . l o v e
Tutorial for beginners

This tutorial is easy to follow with ready to use shape tools and brushes available in Photoshop through step by step instructions and images.  It will be really useful for both beginners and intermediate learners. 

If you are an absolute beginner who is very new to Digital Art, you can try to make yourself familiar to Photoshop user interface: such as understanding what a tool box is or knowing where the layer palette is.  (I just want to be frank that this tutorial will not cover the fundamentals).  However don't worry a thing, you can still ask questions by posting comments in the forum. 

For this tutorial, you can use either Adobe Photoshop Full Version or Elements. 

Let's get started!

Step 1 : Get a new file
Go to File from menu > choose New. When you see this dialog box, setting on a new file what you will work on.

Step 2 : Draw Tree

Choose light sea blue colour from the colour palette, the colour code is #c3e5d6.

And Choose the Ellipse Tool from Tool box. You can draw with different shapes in this tools group.

Draw an oval shape like this. See the layer palette, the new layer called "Shape 1" will appear on the background layer.

Step 3 : Draw Tree
Again, choose another shape tool called Rectangle tool from Tool box.

And draw a shape like a thick line attached to the oval shape and another layer (shape 2) appeared. You can change the colour by double clicking on the icon from layer palette.

Step 4 : Adding dotted leaves on tree

When you click this little icon in the lower side of the layer palette, you will create a new layer called layer1. Keep your selection on  this layer 1.

And choose the brush tool from Tool box and right click on the image, you will see a dialog box of brush set. Then choose this brush on the following picture and you can also make adjustment of your brush size by moving the slider bar.

Choose a little bit darker of the light green from colour palette. Apply it to the oval shape just by click-and-drag. Keep working on it on the layer 1.

Choose the Darker tone, and apply it again !

More darkness...darker...darker.....

Step 5 : Putting the hearts on tree
Afterwards, you will need to choose the custom shape tool from Tool box.
Pick the Heart shape from a collection of different shapes provided by Photoshop. Click the shape icon from tool options bar under menu.

Don't see any shape in it? Click this arrow icon and choose All.

Draw the Heart shape, the shape 3 will be appeared on layer palette.

Clone the heart by pressing Alt key from keyboard while choosing the move tool from Tool box.

Go to Edit from menu > Transform. Then rotate the heart.

Step 6 : Composition

You need to select all the layers from layer palette except from the background layer and then press Ctrl + T or go to Edit > Transform.

Shrink it by dragging from the corner. You will see the composition of the image like this.

Step 7 : The Green Hill

Add another shape, draw with the Ellipse tool from tool box.

Step 8 : The warm sky

Choose the background layer and add colour with light yellow, the colour code is #f5f3e8.

Step 9 : The Grasses

Choose the brush tool again. Right click on the image and pick the brush of Grass.

Step 10 : Final retouching the illustration

Apply with the brush on the lower part of the tree area. And I'm going to add finishing touches around the tree.

Step 11 : Uplifting message to your art!

Now time for putting your favorite quotation or uplifting message on the artwork. So choose the T icon - Text tool from Tool box.

The final look!

Hope you can now create simple and easy artworks yourself... 
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