Sweet Memories

Sunday, 16 September 2012 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit

Hello, how are you doing? 
I’ve been working on the new design of my website, and blog for the last week and I finished it yesterday. Do you like it? You can visit it by clicking on this link : www.shwethirikhit.com

And I am happy to show you my new mixed media work!  The cat in the painting is my neighbor, he is living in front of our flat.  He is really fat and round like a balloon, so  my husband and me call him Lone Lone.  He sleeps in his little garden under the sunlight as always.  I am enjoying watching him because he seems very peaceful to me and make me smile :)  So I put him into my painting!

The whole painting is very colorful but also the girl's skin and the lazy cat is in black and white (gray scale).  I am really enjoy painting portrait in black and white and adding tone details on the face.  They are getting along well with the messy background.  Hope you enjoy watching the creative process videos (above).  I call it "Sweet Memories".

It will be available in the gallery for you to purchase.  Contact me if you have any question.

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