Finding my own voice

Monday, 17 September 2012 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit

Well I am now taking Wyanne's Paint Free art class and I'm really enjoy this. The above painting was taken from her week 2 assignment, painted it for 30 minutes.  I tried not to come over any thoughts to my brain while painting this.  Ah, just need to focus on the flow of strokes and the painting process.  Sometimes my imagination of the beach where I really want to go was came and pop up to my mind.  But I just need to concentrate on the flow of my hand!! "Don't think about any of it" that's what i told myself.  When I was doing this, I feel like I was watching myself. The hands were moving automatically on the canvas without thinking. This was so much FUN!!! After 30 minutes times up, I walked away from the desk, I didn't go back and add to the painting.  

The next day, I get back to look at my work again.  Oh I don't like the colors.  I thought I was creating the beach!  But now I see the river, a big mountain, flowers and clouds in the painting. My dear husband's perspective is a bit different of mine.  He sees the three guys are boating, and the two guys wearing the blue hats.  

I really enjoyed the process.  And I realized that finding my own voice is not too difficult.  I will definitely paint like this and let myself free again.

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