Finding my innver voice : more paintings

Tuesday, 2 October 2012 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
I have been painting painting painting. I am taking Wyanne's Paint Free art class as I told you in the previous post.  I have reached week two assignment, the second 30 minutes I just painted (left) and I felt really happy.  When I was little girl, I played with the coconut tree branches in front yard.  I tried to catch up the playful mood, colors and weather in this painting.

 I just cannot stop painting mindlessly. I just put the colors on the palette what I like the most. And started to paint it with different brush stokes. Then my imagination lovely house was suddenly came into my mind... I also didn't expect to get the result of flowers like textures surrounding the house.  I learned to paint a little more with my heart. Really happy with it!
I still keep painting. This is the latest one I did yesterday.  I trust in myself more and more doing these exercises and moving mindlessly.  I used all available brushes I have.. even my fingers!  I feel more friendly with the colours and I like to use bright and strong colours.  I named it "BeBrave", this process is really exciting!

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