Inspirational Artist : Sarah Joncas

Monday, 3 June 2013 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
Since we touched upon the lightings and dark tones this week I would like to draw an example from one inspirational artist.  She is no other than Sarah Joncas who has created many outstanding artworks.

Sarah primarily uses oil and acrylic paints and her characters resemble her so much that sometimes one may wonder if the portraits themselves are hers.  

What's most attractive of her unique creations can be explained in three points.

First one is the masterful play with lighting on face and body.  Moreover the choice of background colour within the artwork has always been natural and blends in really well with the main character.  The lightings are right on the spot and create an invitingly seductive.  Her ability to demonstrate the details in her art is surely a unique strength I think. 

To know her second strong point, just look at her works, not only can she do the lighting so well, but also she is superb in using contrasting colours.  What I noticed at the first glance was the dark blue and red theme which adds extra highlight to the painting.  So although her artworks may appear dark, because of that contrast, you can see it's dark with strength.  

Last but definitely not the least is that she can marry the graphic-arts with detailed illustrations.  The graphical drawings can definitely draw the attention of many people.  But of course I love this kind of artworks - so like attracts like and I am biased :) 

“If they seem sad or lonely, the room encasing them might be bland or alienating. What I was done for the generic-ness of the room, geometric and empty, the solarity light beaming downward…”

“The environments are just meant to compliment the emotions and atmosphere of the girls in my paintings, as well as give more understanding to why she’s feeling that way.”

Have a look at the one I created below.  My choice of colour, facial and hair styles of the pretty girls I create are similar to those of hers and I get tons of inspiration from her.  Enjoy! 

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