I'm back

Sunday, 4 September 2011 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
Apologies for not blogging regularly as much as I wanted to. I have been occupied with course materials for the course I run for the previous weeks.  Now I am back and active again with more activities lined up for my blog.  My first course, Sweetened Simplicity as a live course is completed and now it is available as a self-study programme.  It has been a successful course and I was overjoyed with activities from course participants.  

Another thing I was so happy about is that some of the participants created even prettier artworks than I did.  So nice to be together with creative peopleI also enjoying to create collage style in both traditional and digital art. So I think I'd like to share with you my newest digital mixed media creations which are created in Photoshop.

 The interesting collage background of Dancing Shwe will be up soon.

This piece is still untitled. I absolutely love her face.

Oh one more good news.  In upcoming months, there’ll be free tutorials and tips that I will share with all of you.  There are still many many cool things I want to do with you.

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