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Sunday, 27 February 2011 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
I still not very user friendly with Etsy but I've started to include my activities in numerous forums today. I've created a team is called "cutiegirls" that brings together the best cute girls illustratrations,­ paintings, mixed media and digital art on etsy. You're invited to join the team and feel free to list your beautiful girls into the discussion! You will introduce yourself, promote your shop and share your link in the threat :D

Who can join: All members must make little girl related painting or doll or crafts! If you love to buy or create little girl this is the place for you.  

Here is the link -

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some friends ask me to run online art course for "Moving Dolls in the Frame (MDFs)". I hope I will be able to start it this year. First thing is I will definitely need to improve my charisma and second is to buy a good video camera... :-) Otherwise I can make e-books for tutorials at least. Thank so much for your supports!!!

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