Dorothy Doll (MDFs)

Saturday, 19 February 2011 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit

Yesterday, I finished the final touches for her skin tones with watercolour painting!

This new nude doll is a magnetic doll standing 13” tall, without the added height of her hair which brings her total height to approximately 14” tall. I called her "Dorothy". My doll’s construction is unique, and her body is created using brads that will be move her body parts, allowing the doll to be entirely free-moving similar with BJD. For the ease of hang and to increase thickness, magnetic pieces are used in the back of the doll's each part. So that it can be easily hang on any metal backgound. She is enhanced by the look of dramatic Classic make-up and hair style. 

For doll-accessaries, I think I will be able to make them later of next month because currently I'm surrounded by oil paintings and new sketches.

Happy weekend!

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