We are so fragile

Tuesday, 3 April 2012 - Posted by Shwe Thiri Khit
Today I am starting to write a tutorial how to edit and manipulate a photo. Lets create Art of "Photomanipulation".
“We are so fragile”
Image Breakdown – Five Steps

01 Original Picture
For this image breakdown section, I have made use of Eraser tool and several commands under layer panel.
The background of the picture depicts the fragility of women.

02 First cracked texture
Firstly, I applied the cracked/fractured-texture to the original picture and used the transform function (Edit> Transform or Ctrl+T). Select
the texture layer and select Linear Burn under Layer Panel. Have a look
at the picture.

03 Using Eraser
Choose Eraser under tool bars and eliminate parts and elements you don’t want. Then reduce opacity to 50% and lightly erase the areas under the
shoulder veil to create the fractured look. Afterwards, use Sponge tool
to adjust the saturation/intensity of colours to match the colour of the

04 Second Cracked Texture
Add an additional texture to the existing work. In order for the new texture to appear under the veil, choose soft light under Layer panel..

05 Final picture
Similar to step 3, use the Eraser tool to clean out the unnecessary bits. To create contrast, apart from the facial skin and hands, make
sure there’s no texture on eyes, hair and fingers. On another important
note, it is important that fractures and cracks do not appear between
the several layers of the veil so please make use of the Eraser and
adjust opacity accordingly.
Enjoy~ :)

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